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Pollen Tech products are available through our sales executives. Request a free consultation or give us a call today at 877-916-0480.

Pollen Tech does not sell directly to consumers.

Product information can be found on the cartridges and batteries pages. If you’d like to receive additional information, fill out a contact us form or give us a call at 877-916-0480.

All Pollen Tech products, from batteries, cartridges or packaging, can be customized. Pricing and customization details can be found here for Batteries and here for Cartridges.

Pollen Tech cartridge and battery purchases do not include packaging. However,  stock and custom packaging solutions are available through Pollen Gear and include: Five10 Box, Button Box, SnapTech™ Case, Slim Tube, Five10 Tube, RedDot Bag, and NEO Bags.

Stocked Pollen Tech products are shipped within 24 business hours of order placement. The lead time for custom Pollen Tech products is 35 days plus shipping time after design and order approval. Lead times are subject to change without notice and are dependent on availability.

Pollen Tech does not sell pre-filled cartridges or disposables.


G-Verify is a consumer facing, point-of-sale “scannable” verification of your product’s authenticity, features, and safety. It allows you to serve as your brand’s digital retailer and communicate your brand’s value proposition directly. More information about G-Verify can be found in our Program Details & Pricing Guide.

G-Verify codes are printed directly onto a brand’s existing compliance label. With a code right on your product’s packaging, anyone can easily snap, scan, and learn about your brand with the click of a button. G-Verify can be used to protect your intellectual property and verify your product’s authenticity. It can also be utilized to share manufacturing certifications, reviews, dosage, and educational content. Media options are flexible, as this platform supports both static and video content capabilities. More information about G-Verify can be found in our Program Details & Pricing Guide.

All Pollen Gear cartridges feature an etched “g” logo  and a manufacturer batch/lot number on the bottom.

Pollen Tech’s patented proprietary ceramic core technology produces increased vapor density and a more pleasurable user experience. With proprietary ceramic core technology customers enjoy: 

TRUE FLAVOR & POTENCY: Ceramic thermal conductivity, micropores and wire structure produce precisely-engineered atomization temperature for true-to-oil flavor and increased potency 

COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH & HARDNESS: Ceramic core has a higher level of compressive strength and hardness, which ensures core uniformity and successful installation

FASTER OIL ABSORPTION: Research-backed ceramic porosity and micropore diameter achieves a faster oil absorption speed and a smoother supply of oil to the core

LOWER OIL LEAKAGE RATE: Well-engineered tank structure and uniform distribution of ceramic micropores increases capillary action and oil absorption, preventing leakage

INCREASED AIRFLOW: proprietary ceramic core’s pin design allows for increased airflow, which cools coils, for a more comfortable inhalation temperature and larger vapor production

Pollen Tech’s Glass Press-In Cartridge, offered in both 0.5 mL and 1.0 mL sizes, is designed for easy capping, either by hand or with minimal force on an arbor press. This cartridge also features a tamper-evident seal.

Pollen Tech products are not compatible with tobacco, dry herb, solid concentrates, or e-juice. Cartridges are stocked in a 1.8 mm aperture, suitable for thicker viscosities, but customized apertures are available to suit all oil viscosities.

To remove any oil residue on your Pollen Tech cartridges, use a cotton ball or a Q-Tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol to gently clean the cartridge’s surface.

Pollen Tech 510 thread cartridges are compatible with any 510 battery. In order to ensure peak performance, it is recommended to use Pollen Tech cartridges with Pollen Tech batteries.

Pollen Tech does not sell any oils or offer any filling services.


To use the Draw-Activated Pen, simply inhale. In order to use the Push-Activated Pen, press 5 times to turn on & off. Press 3 times to change Voltage and press 2 times to activate the preheat function.

Pollen Tech batteries generate up to 250 draws per charge.

Pollen Tech 510 thread batteries are compatible with any 510 cartridge. In order to ensure peak performance, it is recommended to use Pollen Tech’s cartridges.

Pollen Tech batteries can be charged with a lightning or fast charger, but it is recommended to use a charging block rated at 2.1 amps or less.


Pollen Tech products are made from premium, responsibly-sourced materials, such as glass, PCTG plastics, and Japanese organic cotton. Our Testing & Safety Standards page outlines the many certifications Pollen Tech has been awarded for our high-quality materials and ethical manufacturing processes.

All Pollen Tech cartridges are non-toxic and have been lab-tested at a high level for heavy metals. These tests have determined that hazardous heavy metals like Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury are not present in any Pollen Tech cartridges. Test results are available upon request.

All Pollen Tech products are manufactured in accordance with stringent production and material standards, outlined by agencies such as the FDA, ISO, and FSC. Pollen Tech’s Testing & Safety Standards page outlines all the certifications. In addition, all Pollen Tech orders are checked for Quality Assurance by a third-party before shipment and a full report is provided to the customer.

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